Are you based on the West Coast and disappointed you can’t attend the Hauntology Chicago premiere in September? Well, never fear! We’re coming to Los Angeles too for our world premiere, and here’s all the info you need!

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This will be your first chance to see Hauntology anywhere in the world! The screening will be part of the Dances with Films festival, a Los Angeles-based film festival that is entering its 27th year. The team behind the festival is devoted to bringing the best and brightest of independent film to the screen, and this year’s festival is taking place between June 20 and June 30, 2024. More on our exact showtime in a moment.

So what’s Hauntology? We’re an atmospheric LGBTQ+ horror anthology movie written and directed by Parker Brennon. We were able to bring Parker’s story of a runaway teen learning from their older sister about some of the most haunting locations in their town to life thanks to the support of more than 200 beautiful Kickstarter backers!

The ensemble cast of the movie includes:

Jaidyn Triplett (iCarly) as “Venus”
Samantha Russell (Shirley) as “Jazmin”
Samantha Robinson (The Love Witch) as “Christina”
Naomi Grossman (American Horror Story) as “Analisa”
Zoey Luna (Slay, The Craft: Legacy) as “Julian”
Nancy Loomis (Halloween, The Fog, Assault on Precinct 13) as “Mrs. Cashel”
And many more!

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Hauntology will screen on Saturday, June 29, 2024, at 9:30 PM PT.

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The 2024 Dances with Films festival takes place at the TCL Chinese Theatres, located at 6925 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028.

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Tickets to the premiere are available in several different ways, because it’s part of an overall festival. Full access festival passes are $375 – considering it takes place over so many days, that’s quite a deal! However, if you just want to see Hauntology, single-screening tickets are $20 before June 20 and $24 afterward, so be sure to snag them early if you want to save $4!

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While Hauntology is a proudly Ohio-based production and we have worked hard to support the local community, much of our talent and crew hails from Los Angeles. We also want to offer the opportunity to see the movie to horror fans who don’t have the means or the opportunity to make it to the Midwest.

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