So, you’ve heard that Hauntology wrapped principal photography. You might be asking yourself, “so when can I see it?” Unfortunately, the short answer is… not for a while. If you want to know the long answer, however, here’s a glimpse into the next steps for Hauntology!

Hauntology Post-Production Breakdown

First and foremost, in order for folks to see Hauntology, it needs to actually be finished. Editing and color correction are currently underway on segments 4 and 5 while we also make some minor fine edits on segments 1 through 3, which were completed in 2022. We’re currently looking to have the picture fully locked in August.

In the meantime, that’s when we’ll be working to flesh out our publicity campaigns ahead of our festival run in 2024 as well as finding a distributor for the movie.

Now, festival runs and distribution can be tricky. Regardless of how that process goes or how long it takes, we’re looking to premiere Hauntology in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Columbus, as well as a few more places connected to the production. We definitely want to continue supporting the local Ohio people and businesses who helped bring this queer horror movie to life!

But That’s Not All!

“Picture lock” might sound very final, but there’s more to go after that! Sound design and visual effects come next, and we already have a crew of talented craftspeople prepared to bring that to life.

We’ll be needing a score to help up the creep factor, as well as sound design to make sure you can actually hear the actors being creeped out over that score. Hauntology also may or may not be getting an original song, hint hint… Stay tuned for news about that next week!