Hauntology Production Resumes with “The Old Dark Cashel House”

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After completing production on the first three segments of Hauntology in 2022, our crew took a brief hiatus to prepare for the final segments! The good news is that the wait is over! Production recommences on Monday, June 5 on the next segment, "The Old Dark Cashel House." Find out more about the segment below! The

A Closer Look at Segment #3: “Paint and Black Lace”

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As our production hiatus continues, it's high time to offer a closer look at the third completed segment of our anthology... Paint and Black Lace Owen and Shane, the owners of an up-and-coming art gallery, host a special exhibition of "lost" paintings created by a famous artist. What their guests don't know is that these

A Closer Look at the Segment “Witchcraft Becomes Her”

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During our production hiatus, Hauntology writer-director Parker Brennon and editor James Paul Bailey have been hard at work locking the cuts of our first three segments. We have a whole heap of color-corrected stills from our next segment to share, but first let's introduce you to... Witchcraft Becomes Her The Story: Julian was assigned male

Welcome to the Hauntology website!

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Hauntology is a feature-length horror film we’ve lovingly dubbed our “queer horror road trip movie.” It follows an older sister who takes her fearless runaway sibling on a road trip, to share the most chilling tales surrounding their hometown. Each place they visit has its own ghost story and unique queer perspective. On June 1st,

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