Pre-production has started on the first segment of our independent horror film, Hauntology. As you may know, the film is set up in an anthology format in various segments. We’re starting filming this month on our first segment and we’ve got the first shot from location testing.

Here’s writer/director Parker Brennon explaining the shot:

We’ve been busy coordinating and prepping for the production of our first segment. My dad and I spent the week building a custom walkway for an important stunt. I don’t want to reveal too much, but I’ll say I ended up covered in mud.

On Wednesday, our first AD, Victoria McDevitt, visited the location where we’re filming. She and I walked through our plans and made some helpful adjustments to the schedule. I also polished up my shot list for the day. When it comes to storyboarding, I like to take photos whenever I can. I find they’re the best way to communicate my ideas.

With Victoria’s help operating my old DSLR (don’t worry ⁠— it’s not the camera we’re using for principal photography), I decided to put on one of the Victorian-era costumes for the August segment and do a little shot list modeling. Here’s a photo of me being mildly ghostly.

We’ll have more production sneak peeks in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!