The Kickstarter for Hauntology has been fully funded, thanks to the many fabulous donors who helped to support our project. Although we are still prepping for production to begin later this summer, we have big news to share already. United Airlines has become Hauntology‘s official travel partner for all of our entertainment travel needs.

We pride ourselves on working with local artists everywhere we can. But there are also many talented out-of-state people across the country who will be working with us throughout production. We have several key crew members who need to travel long distances to and from our set for filming, both within and without the Buckeye State.

For those 230 of you who donated to our Kickstarter campaign, you already know that we have some incredible talent lined up to bring our vast ensemble of characters to life. Although we still have some big announcements coming up on that front, you can see that our cast is an eclectic and exciting mix of talent from our Ohio family (including someone who is going to pull double duty as a vital member of our crew) and the general Hollywood sphere.

In order to bring this diverse and talented collective of people together, that’s going to require a¬†lot of travel any way you slice it. And for a low-budget production with a large cast and crew like us, it is very important that the travel budget not exceed our means or waste the money that our producers and Kickstarter backers have generously brought to the table.

This is why it was incredibly important for us to find a travel partner who was familiar with the needs of an entertainment production and able to support us and help make sure the largest proportion of our budget is going toward what viewers are going to be seeing on the screen.

We are incredibly happy to have found that support from United Airlines and are excited that the stress of travel can be taken off the hands of our crew so they can focus on what’s important: making Hauntology the best, creepiest movie it can possibly be.